Latin Dance Connection

Private Lessons

Although learning to Dance at our classes is a great way to learn, we appreciate that some students like to take private lessons to help them improve their dancing skills quicker than in class.  The typical type of students that might like private lessons are:

Brand New Beginners

Although this is not necessary, some brand new beginners may want to learn some tango or salsa  techniques before starting class.  Taking private lessons can give new beginners confidence before starting class.

Students wishing to move up levels quicker

Some students may wish to take additional lessons to move their dancing along.

Students wishing to go over elements covered in class

Although we cover techniques well in class, some students would like just that little bit extra to ensure they have learned the techniques require.  Private lessons are ideal for this. 

Private lessons can also help with:




We will focus on the dance areas which will ultimately improve your dancing.  

We can organise a venue or have lessons at your own location. To find out more about our private tuition call us on 07803 043263